There are things that were frowned upon in the past but seem to be getting normalised as the days go by.

I have compiled a list on some of those things below;


It’s all fun and games until you can’t go a day without it.

What’s even worse is that public figures publicly admitting that they use this herb not realizing the amount of damage they can cause.

Them openly and proudly talking about weed can make matters worse for those who might have even become addicts which is worse.

Away from that, I have a personal experience while mingling with my fellows. You might be asked what you do for fun and the options they give you are always two. It's either drinking or smoking week.

If you say no to either of the two, the response can cause shame. “Then what do you with your life?’’ 

Cheating in relationships

Both genders are guilty of cheating anyways. It almost seems like there is no solution for it. Cases of having sponsors or a mubaba or mama wa Harrier are just a few examples that make people assume cheating is normal and it's okay.

They seem normal because the majority are smiling when such topics come up.


Many will justify it by saying that the same way they are gossiping about the subject person is the same way people will gossip about them, so it’s equalised. Some will say as long as it is facts it isn't gossip.

These are the few shady excuses the person gossiping will make just to validate themselves which is in simple terms just sugar-coating the bitter truth.

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