Rich spouse
Rich spouse
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Over the weekend, Twitter user Amerix sparked a heated debate on social media. 

In his 'Masculinity Saturday' series, Amerix advised his male followers to guard their wealth and keep some of it a secret from their wives. 

The advice attracted mixed reactions, with vocal users like Miguna Miguna terming it as a punishment to women- which is not right. 

"All men are born of women. Anyone calling on men to mistrust all women is also calling for the mistrust of his mother.

Anyone calling on men to mistrust women because they are women is dishonest and stupid. The main problems humanity face are not brought about by women," Miguna wrote. 

Mpasho engaged fans to find out why they would opt to hide some of their property from their spouses. 

@DJ Nephas- "In this day and era ni muhimu sana. Ficha kama unaweza, juu ile siku huyo mpenzi wako anaamua kukutenda na kukutoka legally lazima ataenda na some percentage of your property."

@Vinny - "This gender can even kill you when they learn that you have too much wealth and you don't show any sign of visiting your creator."

@ Willy - "Very okay ukitaka kukosa, peace in ur life onesha mwanamke pesa yote yenye ukonayo anaanza kuzifanyia hesabu na kutakakubuy hazina meaning, alfu the moment amekuitisha dooh imshw hauna hio ni vita so atakuwa anaexpect kila tym akitaka pesa unampea softly." 

However, others advocated for transparency saying they can never hide their wealth from spouses.

@ Brian - "If we are married I don't understand why we should hide finances from each other."

@ Joy - "Not ok at all especially for the man to hide never OK. Let things be open to your woman." 

@ Caro - "If you must hide them then please have a legal will and testament in case something happens then your family will be aware of your assets and investments. Some people will hide everything only to pass on and leave the family suffering when they have millions in their accounts."

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