Ksh 102 million student, Felista Njoroge, fires back at Asset Recovery Agency

Felista Nyamathira Njoroge, the college student whose Sh100 million account was frozen is now fighting back.

In a court application she made at the High Court, Felista has accused the Asset Recovery Agency of engaging in a witch-hunt and invading her privacy.

“I have the capacity to engage in business and develop relationships to make money. I am lawfully entitled to my funds held at my bank account since the agency obtained the sweeping orders freezing the account without asking me where I received the funds from,” Ms. Njoroge said.

Through lawyer Thomas Maosa, she asked the court to set aside an order stopping her from withdrawing the money from her account held at the Co-operative Bank of Kenya.

In the application, the 21-year-old Nairobi Technical Training Institute student said the agency misled the court about the sources of funds.

She complained that the agency should have come to her for an explanation before moving to court. In her application, she added that she could reveal the source of the funds.

Felista has in the past indicated that the money was put in her account by her wealthy Belgian boyfriend, Merc De Mesel.

The bitcoin billionaire corroborated this fact with a video explaining that he had put the money in the account for the mother of his child to use as she saw fit.

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