Bishop Migwi's odd behaviour at last church service revealed

•"I know even on Sunday I know you missed me, Hata mjifanye I know you know."- Bishop Migwi

It has now emerged that Bishop Migwi might have had a premonition of his death.

The founder of House of Hope in Kayole had been battling high blood pressure for a while.

Mwangi Macharia, a pastor at the church says on Sunday Migwi insisted on closing the 'sermon' and insisted on leading the 'Grace' prayer.

"It was very not like him to preach and even say the Grace.

But on Sunday he insisted he will preach the entire service and even prayed the Grace. Now that I think of It I think he was bidding us goodbye." Mwangi said during an interview with inooro TV

Wanjiku Nduo, a worshipper at Migwi's church says on Sunday the man of God was in church and did not look like he was dying any time soon.

"It's a very hard thing as it's something we did not expect. On Sunday he was full of life and did not look like someone who was dying."

On 28/11/2021 Migwi had taught a sermon about how Paul preached to the people for so long because he knew he won't be with them anymore.

'Ni kama mimi nihubiri  ya mwisho hapa na nisema naenda Amerika na sirudi tena, I know you would miss me. I know even on Sunday I know you missed me, Hata mjifanye I know you know. I do not even need to ask." Migwi said.

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