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The key to a healthy and blissful relationship is understanding how to best express your love to your partner. In a way that they feel appreciated and resonates with them.

There are five love languages according to relationship experts.

  • Physical touch
  • Acts of service
  • Words of affirmation
  • Quality time.
  • Receiving gifts.

Just to remind ladies, money is not a love language.

Here is the importance of paying attention to your partner's love language.

Increases connection

For a successful relationship, partners should be able to connect on multiple levels. If you try to express your love in a love language that your partner doesn't relate to, there is likely to be a disconnection.

You can have the best of intentions and put so much effort but your partner may not understand where you are coming from. Sometimes your partner's love language is 'words of affirmation' but you go ahead and get them gifts.

So in order to connect with your partner, express your love based on the love language that best reaches them.

Prevents Problems and drama

It's important to understand that you and your partner cannot have the same love language. Once you get into the habit of using love languages to communicate and express your love and emotions, you'll undoubtedly avoid crazy dramas, help manage expectations and avoid future issues in your relationship.

It's upon you to use your partner's love language as a springboard to show love and appreciation for them.

Improves communication

Knowing your partner's love language helps you meet their needs before they express them to you. You're less likely to have issues when you know how to meet your partner halfway.

This interchange is able to grow your relationship on deeper levels. For instance, if your love language is receiving gifts, and your partner knows that he will be getting you that to uplift your spirit.

Fixing him some chapatis will make his day. Attention to the little details is important, focus and understand your partner.

Enhances appreciation

Once you know each other's love language, you will see how they use that information to try to please you and show you they love you.

If your partner's love language is receiving gifts, you will be getting her gifts and that makes her feel loved and appreciated. And if yours is touch, your partner may be touchy to show you that they love and appreciate you.

Love is a strong emotion, it shouldn't be toyed with. Listen to your partner, pay attention to the little details, you might learn their love language if at all you don't know.

Some don't know their partner's love language: Like I realized my boyfriend knows nothing about my love language. I'm okay!

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