Love hurts
Love hurts

I was going out with this guy sometime back, it was all flirting and all the naughty stuff you can think of decorating our WhatsApp chats, mostly initiated by me.

Shameless? yes, I know I am.

I promise nothing happened.

We could make eye contact and he'd look away. Just like that, my bliss was short-lived. He ghosted me later.

The nerve!

Though I was flattered that the guy felt that I was too good for him. I know it's not just me having problems with guys ghosting them when we are close to dating.

And it's totally okay, it's not your fault that men feel intimidated by strong independent women like you.

Sometimes even those who can are still shy and cannot even approach you. But then we said we are not civil and traditional, write your own script and approach that guy you like, he is probably still gathering the guts to come ask you out.

So, what are those signs that show a guy is intimidated by you? That your presence makes him stutter? Let's find out. You might want to pen this down.

He does not look at you in the eye

It's really cute, he looks like a shy baby trying to look for attention, but puppies are cute and adorable and he is a man. A guy would still talk to you but he will have problems making real eye contact with you.

He looks fidgety and uncomfortable around you

Men who are intimidated by you talk loud, stiffen their stance, push out their chest and fidget more than usual. They are generally uncomfortable around you. They act like a lost and rained on puppy.

Flirts but does not ask you out

He is a keyboard warrior. His love language on text is so endearing and enchanting. He will have you wishing he was your guy. Well, too bad, somebody's son does not have the capacity to ask you out to save his life. His words in this case speak louder than actions. Chances are, he found out you had a career, you have your life 'figured out and he ran for the hills. I wish these men stop believing this self-made facade we put out there and just approached us. Anyway, that's not the point.

He makes excuses to leave

Did you suddenly broach a very interesting discussion that needed his opinion? Did you tell him you got a promotion? Or you basically challenged him in general conversations? Odds are, his ego is bruised for challenging him, or he just thinks you are unattainable, way out of his league. Not your fault sis, Let him go lick his wounds, if he doesn't come back as he said he would, move on. He is not yours or you're not his, whichever works!

That was just an opinion from my side of the club. Let me get you the word on the street. The discussion just got started.

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