Health CS, Mutahi Kagwe, made a controversial statement yesterday that has really divided Kenyans. He said that Kenyans seeking in-person government services require proof of vaccination from Dec 21.

What did Kenyans think about the statement? From the comments, they were divided on it. Some of those comments are below;

Where is COVID-19 vaccinations connected with Government services?

Kenyans are paying taxes to their government in exchange for government services.

There should never be any other conditionality to be pegged on Kenyans as a CONDITION to obtain government services.

Read the principle of taxation and you will get to know that whatever you pay as tax cannot makes you to demand govt service

My parent has experienced side effects that aren't going away. Something isn't right with this vaccine. We should challenge this nonsense in court.

So if I am not vaccinated I shouldn't come in contact with a police officer if I am to report an incident?

No vaccination, you will not be arrested too.

I think he's right. People are not going for vaccines yet right now the vaccines are readily available

Who told you that we must be vaccinated???

The already vaccinated are getting reinfected and even dying. The government should make it illegal to be obese and overweight. That way we wouldn't be scared that we are vaccinated or not.

Ain't that forcing someone to b vaccinated? Arm twisting? Isn't government service a Right for Kenyans, those who pay taxes and those who don't?

Let people be vaccinated by hook or crook, we can't afford to close the economy any longer. Even in Bavaria, Germany, they are resorting to the same measures.

Does it include Voter registration and voting?

Hapo sasa si mbali. Ngoja tu, tutaona wakianza kuwika hivo, waibe votes

You cannot force us to get Vaccinated. We know our constitutional rights.

Washike wezi wa KEMSA kwanza, sisi sio wajinga.

The effect of vaccination will be seen 5 or 10 years from now, why is the government forcing people to take the vaccination? The vaccination is not 100% you can get covid-19 even if you are vaccinated.

This is true... And they have confirmed that people have died despite being vaccinated.

So what is the point..??

But I know Wakenya ni Washenzi sana kesho they'll be running around looking for the poison in the name of vaccines. Wajinga nyinyi!

Those vaccinated too should not pay taxes.

Why keep copying European countries yet covid is non-existent in Africa? Shenzi sana

Non existent?

Blood clots and reproductivity aren't things to just dismiss. I can't risk for services

Since Covid ifike Kenya hadi sai wengine wetu hatujawaikuwa wagonjwa alf ety mtulazimishe kwa hiyo vaccine na mnasema kuwa ata kama umevaccinatiwa haimaanishi hautapata covid. So what's the big deal here?

True. Kwanza naskia unaezapata vaccine na ukufe.

Nani anauza covid 19 certificate?

Which government services? Huu ndo ujinga wa kuweka mtu amesomea business to work in the Health sector uzuri tuko na High Court.

Kagwe himself said there won't be mandatory vaccination. Shame!!!

In fact after recovery, you have natural immunity for a long time to come.

Some ought to tell the world health heads like Mutahi and his ilk to stop doing business with this pandemic. Why is it that even fully vaccinated people still have to pay (origin and destination) for COVID-19 tests in order to travel? What’s the point of a complete vacation then?

General Knowledge ... Coz people are creating fake certificates (in some countries (Kenya to be specific too)) and names altered on databases... So it's better to be safe than sorry and test even the so-called fully vaccinated.

Vaccination is a personal choice, getting Govt services is a right, don't mix issues but instead encourage people to get vaccinated. Tusitishwe!

We have no problem with this. But the biggest problem is whether GOK has the capacity to vaccinate all the people by then. Of course not...

Have you not heard of the new lockdowns in Europe?

So for things to work in this country we must get threats from government officials who we pay salaries through our taxes? Getting government services is a right - Let us meet in court.

It's 50/50 the courts will side with us "antivaxxers". Like in Brazil, the courts upheld mandatory jabbing. I think in France as well.

If doses were enough to vax all the population from 15 years olds and above, I would say this is a fair deal.

We don't need those poisons even if they were enough for all Kenyans, the goats, cows and chicks. No.

Vaccines which last in the body for only for 6 months and you want to force people. Shenzi aki.

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