Socialite Huddah Monroe has disclosed that a man once bought her a Ksh 7.5 million car when she was just 21-year-old.

Alhudah who was born in the slums of Mathare has been staying in Ghana and revealed this interesting information on her Instastories. "My boyfriend bought me my first car when I was 21," she said.

She divulged this information while defending the current flavour of the month, Felista Njoroge.

Felista Njoroge with her Belgium boyfriend
Image: Courtesy

Felista has become a national sensation after she was gifted Ksh 100 million by her wealthy boyfriend, Merc De Mesel, something that has drawn the attention of Kenyan law enforcement.

Huddah went on to defend Felista saying that most Kenyan women are used to getting scraps from their sponsors;

"Some men out there give their girlfriends lots of money for expenditures. You are used to Kenyan sponsors. Do they even give pocket money? "That money is probably miscellaneous to that person, considering he is into cryptocurrency. Tax the girl and let her keep her coins,” she wrote. 

This isn't the first time Huddah has opened up about a man being very generous to her. 3 years ago, Huddah spoke about how prominent lawyer Donald Kipkorir had forked out a handsome Ksh 1 million to have her teeth fixed.

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