Mike Sonko has come out to defend a 21-year-old, Felesta Nyamathira Njoroge, who the Assets Recovery Agency is going after.

Writing on his Instagram page, the former Nairobi governor wrote,

Huyu ndiye the 21-year-old Felesta Nyamathira Njoroge & her Belgian boyfriend Merc De Mesel, who deposited Sh121 million in her account.I hear the boyfriend is a bitcoin billionaire so 100million nikama ile 1000 Mimi hutumia watu kama sadaka ..... Asset Recovery wachaneni na huyu mrembo anakula sweat yake no one has complained....pia nyinyi mpande league yake you start sending 20k kila Month to your spouses...

For those not in the know, Felista has become a viral sensation after news emerged that the Nairobi Technical Training Institute student had Sh 102,654,024 in her bank account.

The large sum attracted the attention of sleuths at the Asset Recovery Agency who have suspicions that Felesta may be part of a money-laundering syndicate involving foreigners.

But according to the lady in question, her Belgian boyfriend, De Mesel Marc, made the deposit and it was meant to be a gift.

“Preliminary investigations have established the respondent opened the suspect account for the sole purpose of receiving the said funds which she declared the source to be from “my boyfriend” and the purpose as investing in land projects and safaris,” the affidavit by the assets agency read.

De Marc himself corroborated her version of events in a signed affidavit, admitting that he sent the money which Felesta was to use as she wishes.

“That I hereby admit that the donee will be full and absolute legal owner of the gifted money and even though I hope that she builds financial security for herself and our future children, she will be free to use the said gifted amount as per her own will,” his affidavit read.

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