21-year-old, Felista Nyamathira Njoroge, has become the talk of the town after the Assets Recovery Agency announced that they were investigating her for being in possession of Ksh 102 million in her account.

Felesta has attributed the large sum of money to her generous boyfriend, Merc De Mesel, who she says gifted her the money.

Mesel himself has corroborated her take in a sworn affidavit. But it seems that the law enforcement authorities aren't convinced about the purpose and source of those funds, saying that it was either money laundering or money used to fund terrorism.

The Belgian national has now narrated how the CID raided his home after his generous gift to Felista. 

"Hi guys, long time no see. It has been crazy here in Africa. Something really bad happened about two weeks ago. On Monday I am chilling in the house in my pajamas. Suddenly my home was invaded by four CID cops, arresting me, taking me home with them, and also my girlfriend.

Also, a whole day of questioning. They accused me of money laundering and even terrorist financing. They even had the transaction details that I had made to my girlfriend. I got a letter from the tax authorities that the account was blocked for 10 days. 

The agents were also questioning my girlfriend as to where the money had come from and where I got it from? So my girlfriend explained that it was a gift. She said that it was because we are together and we are having children together and that she was pregnant. It was really bad...

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