• You are wondering how you will observe the Christmas and new year's culture without having financial burdens the following year?

Christmas decorations
Christmas decorations
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Who is in that Christmas and new year mood already? It's drawing closer, everyone is stressing about decorations, buying gifts for their loved ones, and buying foodstuff.

It has not been a smooth ride through 2020 and 2021, the economy was hit harder than before by the pandemic and the cost of living has been high ever since.

You are wondering how you will observe the Christmas and new year's culture without having financial burdens the following year?

We have tips on how you can be in that festive groove without creating a dent in your finances. Let's see how you can use your hard-earned money wisely and still have fun during this festive season:

DIY gifts and decorations

Gifts and decorations all cost money. This is where creativity comes in handy. You may want to go out of your way to buy your loved ones gifts, decorate your home- but then your financials are not adding up.

Make a point and visit blog sites for DIY gifts and decorations and you will have a variety of ideas. You might be surprised to find out you don't need to buy anything in the first place.

Create a holiday budget

With the festive celebrations come mistakes such as impulse buying and not putting your priorities in order. Be cautious not to go all-in deeper into your pockets, you do not want to be hit by January's reality.

Write down a list of the things you need to buy- items that you need and make sure to shop according to the thing listed down. Don't let your shopping experience get out of hand.

Look out for deals and discounts

Be in the know for the crazy discounts and deals. If you are not vigilant, a good deal may pass you. Do not just buy the first thing you see in a store, compare prices and check the deals offered.

Do not give individual gifts

I call it 'Secret Santa Gifts' It's when you and your loved ones agree to buy gifts and collectively gift each other instead of buying and gifting individually.

That will leave your pockets dry. Let everyone buy one gift and get one gift, simple. Imagine buying gifts for a whole extended family, that will be a big hustle and it's not necessary.

Focus on creating memories with your loved ones

Gone are the days when people were focused on buying expensive gifts and decorations, clothes and creating a fuss about Christmas celebrations.

Celebrating festive seasons should be all about spending time with loved ones and creating memories.

It's hard to find the whole family and family friends gathered and having thanksgiving together, everyone is busy somewhere juggling responsibilities.

So when there is such a gathering, being extravagant should be the least of your worries. Make every moment count.

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