• Boys also deserve to be babied and looked at in a fragile way.

Couple holding hands
Couple holding hands
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Respecting your boyfriend’s boundaries will only attract him more to you. It’s that time to just call a spade a spade and not a big spoon.

Campus girls sometimes end up forgetting these boys are still their mother’s babies and need to be handled with care.

And yes boys also deserve to be babied and looked at in a fragile way.

Firstly it is very ridiculous to expect a campus boy to give you almost 100% of his free time. This is almost impossible because the boy is still growing and has a whole life to experience just like any other human being. Not that he shouldn’t spend time with you but you shouldn’t expect him to spend all his time with you.

Secondly, expecting him to drop all his female friends since he is in a relationship with you. Humans are social beings and socializing is part of their everyday life and trying to deny them this chance is just inhumane.

Expecting him to sacrifice his hobbies and interests for you is top tier harassment. If your boyfriend plays a sport or even enjoys watching football, it is only fair that you respect his interest or rather support him in his games. This way you will be saving your relationship.

Lastly, expecting him to tag you along when he is out with his boys. This is putting your boyfriend in an uncomfortable situation. Fine doing this once in a while wouldn’t hurt but expecting this on a daily is quite inconsiderate.

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