Robert Burale is arguably the most famous motivational speaker/relationship coach in the country. The stylish pastor has often been attacked in the past with people saying that he shouldn't be divvying out relationship advice yet he has a failed marriage in his rearview mirror.

This week Burale decided to deal with the topic head-on saying that he might have dated more people than the Kenyans he give advice to.

He told Lynn Ngugi, 

"I do give advice, not because I know everything, there is a place of God downloading a grace upon you. But also to the people who say why would I give advice, and I am single, well I have dated and maybe I have dated more than most of those people. You could be trolling me and maybe you have the experience of two relationships, I've had more than two so I know some things about relationships," he said.

He added that it didn't mean that someone who was in a relationship for many years had necessarily the best relationship advice,

"Who said that because you have been married and you've been married for 25 years, that you're the best relationship coach? Sometimes those have no idea because you have just been in a bubble for 25 years. Sometimes you may reject an advice because someone is single and yet that is your advice," he further said. 

This comes hot on the heels of news that the famously single Burale might be dating again after so many years away from the relationship game.

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