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It's totally okay to inquire about your new boo's past relationship whenever you want and you should be comfortable and confident about it. Your sweetheart should be comfortable as well to answer your questions.

I cannot imagine myself carrying the weight of all that insecurity around while we date, I will shamelessly ask even the most intimate of all for clarity and ease.

However, some may want to paint their-now ex as the bad guy to win you over but bear in mind that it's your future at stake, ask follow-up questions that is when you get to know what kind of person you are letting into your world.

Before you two start sharing pillows and looking for rings together, take time and get to know this partner, know how they used to handle situations in their past relationships.

Don't just go in blindly, you will just be simping and clowning for the rest of your life.

I've debunked some of the important questions to ask your new bae before you guys start going exclusive:

Were they cheated on?

Most people will look you straight in the eye and say they were cheated on in a past relationship, tell me I'm lying.

At least this is the excuse people give when their relationships fail. It's on rare occasions that this turns out to be true.

Either way, this is a crucial question you should ask a your-to-be partner. Did they cheat? Most people will not openly admit that they ruined their past relationship by their infidelity.

You know the saying,'tell me what you like so I can be it for you'? People are manipulative, they will ask you what are your dislikes and likes so they know what toxic traits they should hide for you to like them.

And you will be there busy telling your now-boo "I hate cheats" OKAY! You seriously think they will admit they ever cheated in their past relationship? Switch off that movie!Ask this with caution and brains, because you are in for lots of lies.

Has the ex moved on?

There is a sure chance that your new partner and the ex are still talking and possibly keeping tabs on each other.

It's exactly the perfect time to ask if the ex has moved on, if he or she seeing someone new or if he or she is still stuck upon him or her.

Do not to be fooled that they don't communicate and for that they don't know if they moved on, they know. In fact, they know too much. So approach them confidently and ask them this.

What did they always fight about?

By asking this question, you will get to learn their likes and dislikes, know how they like to solve relationships.

Do not be oblivious of the fact that there are fights in relationships, get to know your partner's communication styles when things go south. There are important details they may have omitted when you guys were getting to know each other.

By asking this question you will be able to gain clarity if they overlook things or they approach the issues and try to solve them.

How did the relationship end?

Was there an amicable agreement when they called it quits, or it was dramatic? This is where you get to learn how mature your partner is.

Inquire deeply what your partner's part in the way things ended if he was mature, calm and collected when they ended things.

The answers you get will reveal to you how quarrelsome and petty your partner can get when things between you get rocky.

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