Woman crying
Woman crying

Let's appreciate our friends for being there for us in one way or the other.

And now sip one for the drama we've had to endure to navigate through difficult friendships to maintain them.We are doing great. Keep up!

Now imagine some of the toxic habits that can ruin a friendship to a point of no redemption. I have seen this movie before, it didn't end well!

Moving in together

You want to see both the ugly and pretty sides of your best friend, move in together.

However, proceed with caution if at all you want your friendship to be all rosy and plaiting each other's hairs forever.

But I'll be totally honest with you, moving in together is a recipe for drama and endless chaos.

Dating the ex

There are about a billion-plus people in the universe, and you just decided to settle on your best friend's ex, you played yourself.

Your friend won't even look at you the same after you went ahead to play house with his or her ex soulmate.

Violating boundaries.

Just like in relationships, boundaries in friendships help both parties to keep the friendship healthy and intact.

Once it feels off-balance to either person, it may unravel.


Friendships are just like any other relationship requires care and nourishing.

You might think that dropping a text or email or simply calling is enough, but that is just the bare minimum.

Friends should organize eat-outs, brunch, movie nights.Simply water that friendship, or you'll see it fall apart.

Being too close with the partner

It's the audacity for me! Your friend might not approach you and tell you that I don't like the way you are hanging around my partner.

Use your conscious thought. Getting too close to your friend's partner is toxic. You're only allowed to spend time with them if your friend is around, and she allows it. Otherwise, find yourself a hobby and give them space.

Maintaining a friendship can be such an uphill task, but amicable agreements could see the friendship along way.Cheers to healthy friendships out there.

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