• Sometimes all we need is a long relaxing alone time.

Woman crying
Woman crying

There is a strong mentality about girls being invited out for the weekend, there is also alot of pressure around going out during the weekends.

This has been a normal pressuring thing following memes that come around on almost all weekends, on especially that caught my eye was one that said ‘ kama dem yako hajaitwa out leo na ni frifat  jiulize kwani unadate nani huyu mtu mwenye hakuna mtu anataka” which i found very funny and absurd all at the same time  considering some girls just dont like going out.

It is possible that sometimes one wants to relax after a long day of work or a long day full of lectures, but the pressure build around going out on a furahiday is very unrealistic.

When the safari rally was in Naivasha i guess every girl was peer pressured into going and the FOMO is something you couldn’t recover.

Speaking out of experience, if you missed the popular event you most definitely felt the pinch of it. Everyone spoke about it and honestly, it seemed really uncool if you dint attend the event.

The double standards are overrated and blown way out of proportion, and one is very likely to fall into the trap of all of it. The pressure is real.

But there is definitely no need to worry if you are not booked for the weekend, because sometimes all we need is a long relaxing alone time.

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