If a man is with someone else, chances are that he will string you along long enough until you start being serious.

Woman crying
Woman crying

Men are big culprits of ghosting women. One day you are talking and having a nice conversation, you look like you would tie the knot in a few days then after you leave he disappears.

It is not once or twice where a man ghosts someone and you can't help but wonder what it is that you did or did not do.

I remember this time when I visited a man at his house, he kept complimenting how good I looked, I cleaned his dirty dishes, cooked him food, cuddled him all night and the next day he simply did just did not check up on me and he literally just ghosted.

When I decided to swallow my pride and call him to ask why it happened after all I did for him, he simply just told me “but i dint ask you to do any of those things”

It made me wonder, why would he ghost? Men ghost because of plenty of reasons but I will touch on the more common reasons.

1.They got what they wanted

When a man's end goal is s3x, he might as well do what he came to do and leave like nothing happened.

If the game was good he might decide to do one more run or maybe a few more but ghosting will definitely come.

2. They are with someone else.

If a man is with someone else, chances are that he will string you along long enough until you start being serious.

They might ghost because they are probably scared of commitment, especially since most men can't even handle two masters at a time, they will most definitely get lost for a good time.

3. They are emotionally immature

Being emotionally immature might mean they are bad communicators. Men that don't communicate their feelings or what they want from a person might find ghosting as an easy way out. 

They most definitely can't keep the promises they made and can't find an easier signal to call things off than to simply move on and leave you hanging, or as most people like to say “anakuacha ukijidate.”

4.They are too scared to be upfront about things

When a man doesn't have the balls to leave a woman in a more mature and civilized way, he might find ghosting a better way to do things.

This is mostly so as to avoid the confrontation that comes with it. Women are known to be emotional people and trying to break with someone that invested their time, is not the easiest thing to do.

5. They dint feel a chemistry between the both of you.

A man might ghost because he might have felt that the energies dint match or that you guys have nothing in common.

Men like thrills and if you don't give him that he might find it safer to just up and leave. Chemistry or having a connection with someone is very important and very vital in a relationship.