Nairobi is full of married men with bucketloads of audacity.

Yaani, shameless audacity that would make the devil blush. And he is the gaaaadamn devil and king of hell.

Anyhow, a married man was put in his place by a Nairobi bae who leaked their conversation where he was propositioning her.

The married man texted her asking, "Watchu wearing hun..."

The Nairobi bae responded, "I'm really trying to outgrow the habit of blocking people. But you're making it hard."

Unfazed, the married man said, "But you're mine. And I want you."

The damsel who is now starting to get distressed, answered, "I'm not yours. This would be so much easier if you just listened to me. And we can be friends."

Mr very-very-married-at-a-church-wedding and probably paid millions in dowry used his buckets full of audacity to answer, "I want more sweetheart. I want you."

She shut that show down, very fast, saying, "I want a single man."

The married man responded, "Ni mimi niko (I'm all that is available.)"

If you don't believe it check out the leaked screenshot below.

Married man trying to shoot a shot at a Nairobi bae
Married man trying to shoot a shot at a Nairobi bae

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