• A number of them were nominated for the Kalasha film awards 2021.

Many Kenyans are only familiar with animation movies from international production companies such as Disney and Pixar. 

Locally made animation movies have been considered to be meant for children only. 

However, there are many interesting animation movies made in Kenya. 

A number of them were nominated for the Kalasha film awards on the 3rd of November.

Here are some of the notable animation films

1. Munchiez

This is a series by Michael Njau who is the founder of the studio know as Blank space animation studio. Its first episode premiered five months ago on their you tube channel.

2. Book of KAH

The series was done by Josephat Nyakundi. The first episode premiered on the 30th of July. It is a Sci-Fi movie featuring superhero characters.

3. Mondays and Fridays.

This animation was done by Shawn Kioko a 3D animator. It premiered on his You tube channel on the 9th of march 2021. Mondays and Fridays is a short animation. He describes the animation as a short slice of life.


The animation movie by Stanslaus manthi is about seeking to explore the relationship between our hands and sanitizer and the possible outcome.

So far it is only the trailer for the animation that is available. The day of the release of the animation is yet to be know.

All these animations use Kiswahili as a the major language in executing their work. They are children friendly.It is not everyday many Kenyans would be hyping Kenyan animations.

As you enjoy the western animations, lets take a chance on our Kenyan animators.

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