• Deciding who to invite and not to doesn’t have to be such a big hustle.

Traditional wedding
Traditional wedding
Image: ZoomTherapist

It’s easy to go a little overboard with your wedding guest list. Your family probably have a whole slew of people they want you to invite- people you probably do not know.

And there are those friends you’ve not seen in years and the questionable plus-ones you feel obligated to invite.

But deciding who to invite and not to doesn’t have to be such a big hustle. Bear in mind that it’s your day, you have the upper hand and you get to choose who you want in attendance.

Your boss

Is it really a good idea to invite someone who orders you around at the office to your wedding? Unless your boss is your lifelong pal, there’s no rhyme or reason to have them attend such a personal milestone in your life.

Your ex

It doesn’t matter if you guys are friends, your ex is a recipe for disaster. Plus, it might still hurt them seeing you walk down the aisle with someone else.

Your neighbor

You’re at no point obligated to invite your neighbors, do not feel guilty for not inviting them. Just because they live next door doesn’t mean you guys are pals so you can attend each other’s events.

All your colleagues

Not every pal will rejoice at your achievements and happiness. Simply invite those workmates that you relate with closely.Some workmates are just poison pals who may not have good intentions.

High school bff

There are those friends that you’ve not seen for a long time. Your event need to be stress free and your day and partner’s, not to be catching up with people who never dared to text or call over the years.

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