Serah Teshna and Victor Wanyama
Serah Teshna and Victor Wanyama

Kenyan actress Serah Ndanu Teshna has for the first time opened up about her motherhood journey.

Tehsna and football darling Victor Wanyama welcomed their baby two months ago.

They have kept their relationship and pregnancy on the low key and fans only came to know about it 40 days after the child was born.

Read all about lil baby Wanyama below.

"When Wanyama was here (Kenya) for three days, Serah hadn't given birth yet. So Wanyama hasn't met his cute little baby as yet," a source told Mpasho.

Wanyama's family have been Serah's support from the time she gave birth at a Nairobi Hospital to date. 

"Wanyama is super excited about the news and he cannot wait to see the baby."

Teshna who is currently waiting for Victor's return highlighted challenges she is going through as a first-time mum. 

"Since my baby got here, two hours of sleep is luxury chile! Mad respect to all working mums. We still got to show up looking fresh as ever." She tweeted.

A fan encouraged her, @Dattygal, replied, "@SerahTeshnaHang in there, mami!"

Adding, "Every day is a learning curve, and the beauty of it all is that every day baby grows."


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