In a society driven by cyber interactions, social media has quickly become a personal diary for many.

A virtual container for our emotions, memories and experiences. Social media preserves the most precious moments of our lives, when used in moderation, the medium keeps us connected to our friends and loved ones.

And when abused, social media can be a stage for humiliation, exploitation and shame. One bad social media encounter can show you that not everything should be shared with the worldwide web.

Love is beautiful, and it's okay to share your admiration for your partner but mindfulness is imperative. You don't need to keep your relationship secret but here's why it's important to maintain some privacy

Everyone won't be happy for you

Not everyone will rejoice at the sight of your union. While there should be minimal concern for people's opinions but be mindful of miserable people who don't enjoy their own company.

Your delight may breed haters who drag confusion everywhere they go.

You can filter your pictures not your relationship

The evolution of social media has only increased our lust for recognition and makes it to get. However, being intoxicated by people's validation will only destroy your relationship

Breaking up is easier

Your relationship was goals, you gave followers access to your relationship. At the end of the day, it was up to you two to make your union work.

Things are messy and now you wish to end things amicably but social media is watching, and the drama becomes intense when the public knows what's behind your curtains.

You end up airing your dirty linen on social media, no surprise! Keep it secret till you know it's real!

You open up a chance for your ex to interfere

It's like you've opened up a portal for your ex's opinion or she will be there waiting for a chance to mess things up for youYou seriously don't want me to tell you what happens next

The only way you enjoy a long fruitful relationship is when your moments with your mate is private, if possible let people wonder if you're even straight. It always does the trick. Keep them guessing. Huh!

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