The outspoken influencer who once fall prey into cyber bullying said social media should be a platform used to build and not to destroy.

Akothee’s sister, Elseba Awuor alias Cebbie Koks has urged youths to use social media platforms wisely.

The outspoken influencer who once fall prey to cyberbullying said social media should be a platform used to build and not to destroy.

“If you are not earning on social media leave it because it is going to give you pressure for nothing," Cebbie said in an interview.

On the flip side, she said Instagram and other platforms can be used to grow business and skills.

“Nobody will pay you for abusing people on Instagram, but if you publicize your profile according to your skills then most people will be interested and you’ll get opportunities,” she said.

Cebbie who recently opened a nail parlour, ‘Ritzy Nail Bar’ noted that most of her staff found the opportunity through their public profiles on social media.

“Make sure your profile shows who you are, because someone somewhere needs your service,” she said.

Cebbie Koks Nyasego
Cebbie Koks Nyasego

She faulted netizens who keep trashing people on social media saying it does not help.

“Nobody will hire you for insulting anyone, but because maybe you know how to make nails, make-up or even cooking."

On matters of mental health affecting youths, she urged young people and those battling different situations to be outspoken.

She said emotional instability is bound to happen to anyone at any time and it can be dealt with

“In the wake of social media, nobody parades everything that happens in their life on those platforms,” Cebbie said.

She said most people only parade the good and enjoyable part of their lives, but keep private the battles they are facing.

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