Court of Law
Court of Law

A 62-year-old man stunned a Nyahururu court when he pleaded with the magistrate court to help safeguard his manhood against his legal wife, who has been threatening to chop it off.

Charles Kimani, a resident of Nyandarua County’s Ndaragwa Constituency told the court that he felt threatened and feared for his manhood each time he was around his legal wife who has been mistreating him.

While appearing before Resident Magistrate Vincent Kiplagat, Kimani defended his move to demand a share of the family’s wealth that he had acquired together with Mary Wanjugu, in the last 25 years of their marriage.

Ms Wanjugu, had moved to court seeking an injunction against Kimani, who was taking part of the family properties to develop another home for his second wife, claiming he too had a right to it.

Kimani told the court that he was not getting the respect that he deserved as the man of the house, and Wanjugu had on several occasions tried to cut off his private parts.

“I decided to move out of my marital home to marry a second wife and settle with her for my peace of mind and for my safety after my first wife attempted to castrate me.

“I have a video as evidence with me and I can still present few witnesses who came to my rescue at the time of the last attack,” Kimani said, flashing out a torn pair of trousers to the amusement of the court.

Donning a long-flowing robe, a trench coat to match it and a neatly tied head wrap, the humble-looking Wanjugu admitted to having attempted to disconnect the family jewels.

“There is no way a total stranger, out to break my marriage and acquire what is rightfully mine, can have a share of my hard-earned sweat while I remain silent. I will fight for what is legally mine and that of my children.

“Imagine he has the audacity to cut down trees that have been my long term project in order to build a house for his concubine without my consent. My plan was to use the money to cater for school fees and expenses for my two sons who are university students,” Wanjugu humbly told the court, while adjusting her head wrap.

The magistrate ordered both parties to go back home and settle their disputes with the help of their chief and village elders, before presenting a solid report during their next hearing on January 26, 2022.

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