With the indefinite closure of the university, the students are definitely the main victims.

Students have been affected in so many different ways.

Those who were preparing to do their final exams and graduate have definitely been put on hold which can be a setback for students in their academic path.

For the students on a long holiday, their stay at home will be prolonged because once the university opens they might not go back immediately.

Students are worried about changes in school fees since the school might want to take care of some financial issues and that can be a burden for the students considering that there are those students coming from low profile families.

Students mental health might be at stake because considering their peers are going on with their academic life, they might end up being depressed or even get anxiety attacks.

As part of the staff may be laid off, it is a concern for the students because students already managed to create a bond with some of the lecturers.

With the delay that may come with final exams for a student doing their final year, first-year students may also be delayed in their studies because the starting of the semester dates may be pushed.

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