Basketball hoop
Basketball hoop

Streetball heads, what are you waiting for? Red Bull Half Court is back and looking for you and your teammates to ball it out from 6th November in Nairobi, home to the first of 3 Kenya qualifiers for the fastest version of 3 on 3 basketball.

The winners will make their way to the National Final in Nairobi, where the Kenya champions will be crowned.

Those national champs will represent Kenya at the World Finals in 2022. They will also get the once-in-a-lifetime chance to meet the world’s best 3 on 3 baller, DušanBulut from Serbia.

Basketball hoop
Basketball hoop

With 15,000 expected participants from more than 20 nations in 2021, Red Bull Half Court is the most global streetball tournament on the planet.

“We are extremely happy and proud to tip off the new season with this tremendous player response, especially in these challenging times,” says Sports Director Paul Guddeof Germany.

“Our vision is to give wings to the local streetball scene and enable ballers around the world to revamp their courts.”

The concept anticipates enabling the community to suggest a court where their local tournament should take place.

Once the court is chosen, Red Bull will handle the court-fix ups hand in hand with the locals.

Unique courts worldwide will arise this year. The best part of it: Even when the tournament is over, the revitalised court remains.

Red Bull Half Court showcases the hottest, rawest and most genius streetball moments and inspires the community in a very special way.

Ballers are encouraged to be authentic and true to themselves.

To own their court, play their game – inspired by their favourite beats. With this, the local streetball communities create their very own kind of showdown: it’s the global streetballer’s streetball tournament.

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