• While heavily pregnant, Vera Sidika would make club appearances and hang out with her fans. 

Vera Sidika in hospital
Vera Sidika in hospital
Image: Instagram

Socialite Vera Sidika has done everything differently in her pregnancy and delivery journey. 

The new mom had been sharing all details on her pregnancy journey, which she termed as a smooth one. 

She shared all the positive nitty gritties on her pregnancy journey, drawing the admiration of her fans. 

While heavily pregnant, Vera Sidika would make club appearances and hang out with her fans. 

This is a rarely seen phenomenon for a pregnant African woman. 

She also redefined the process of giving birth by choosing to go for an elective C-section even without having any health rsiks. 

This received a backlash from many, who opined that the procedure is only good for someone with medical complications. 

Vera told off the critics, saying she is at liberty to choose what happens to her body and the method of giving birth. 

For a many women, the labour ward is a place where one plays lowkey in terms of style. 

Many would wear 'Matutas' on their head, have natural hair or simple braids. 

But Vera Sidika re-defined this with a full face beat in the delivery room. 

The socialite has also gone extra by importing her baby products from overseas markets. Well, am not saying the products in the Kenyan market are not classy but, Hey! aren't these goals for mums? 

Not forgetting hiring a Limousine to take her baby home. 

The Nairobi Hospital has packages for antenatal, labour and maternity services. For Antenatal, Vera probably chucked out Ksh 60,000.

At the Nairobi Hospital where Vera was admitted, a Caesarean Section package goes for a whooping Ksh 190,000.

For the north wing - which Vera occupied, the suites are charged per day, check out the costs.

  • Deluxe Suite – Kshs 45,000 per day
  • Premier Suite – Kshs 65,000 per day
  • Presidential Suite – Kshs 98,000 per day

Vera spent a week in the hospital and if she spent her days at the presidential suite then she paid Ksh 588,000.

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