Death snatched a rising star - family of slain Brian Mbage mourn

Piece by: KNA by Grace Naishoo
Funeral service of the late Brian Mbage burial at ACK St. Andrews Ngegu
Funeral service of the late Brian Mbage burial at ACK St. Andrews Ngegu 

It was an emotional send-off for the funeral of 17-year-old, Brian Mbage, a student at Gathiruini Boys’ High School, who was killed in a neighbouring  Komothai Girls’ School.

Mbage, a Form Four student was laid to rest in an emotional send-off at his parents’ home in, Ngegu, Kiambu

Former Gathiruini Boy’s alumni, Stephen Waweru, said the Ministry of Education and the School should take responsibility for the untimely death of the slain student.

“We should not lose our students while in school, it is the responsibility of the Ministry of Education through the School, to provide security and care for the students, while in school,” said Waweru.

Mbage was in the company of five other students who sneaked to nearby Komothai Girls before he was beaten to death.

Five others managed to escape and have since been suspended.

In a eulogy read on behalf of the Gaithiruini Principal, Mwarichia Keimenyi,  by his Deputy, Yonha Obwoge, said  that the School Administration, together with Board of Management, Parents Association, Teachers and Non-Teaching Staff will cooperate with the family and relevant government agencies, until justice is served.

“The loss of a loved one is never easy, losing Brian at a very youthful age isn’t easy and is a painful reminder on the mystery of death,” said part of the written eulogy signed by Gathiruini Principal, Mwirichia Keimenyi.

 “The accident was tragic but it could happen to anyone. We have been with Brian since form one, he was polite, hardworking and disciplined,” said a group of classmates who attended the burial.

Teachers, relatives and colleagues described him as an outgoing student who aspired to become an artist.

The students were among scores of Mbage’s family, friends and teachers, paying their last respects at the funeral, which started at 9 am.

Mbage’s mother was overcome with emotion “I want to see Brio, I miss my son, why did they kill you?” sobbed his 43-year-old mother, Mary Mbage, a mother of three.

Steve Mwaombe, a family spokesperson said death had snatched a ‘rising star’ from the family.

“His death has left a permanent scar in the family. He didn’t deserve to die in such an inhumane manner, he was just a teenager and not a criminal,” said Mwaombe.

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