• It's quite impressive that youths are able to make good money to support themselves which encourages a lot of other young adults to keep on aiming higher.

Image: Instagram

Thanks to the fast evolution of technology that our young adults are able to manoeuver through the internet or rather the many available social media platforms.

It's quite impressive that youths are able to make good money to support themselves which encourages a lot of other young adults to keep on aiming higher.

The likes of Maxine Wabosha, Azziad Nasenya, Nairobi West Niccur, Keranta and Samantha Nyakoe.

Maxine Wabosha

Firstly, lets look at Wabosha Maxine who has been thriving on our socials for quite some time. According to her bio on Instagram, she is a digital creator, which could also stand for the content creator, an engineer and an entrepreneur .

Wabosha Maxine is currently 25 years of age. She is a make up and beauty artist as in her videos especially on youtube and her IG Tv always giving makeup tutorials.

This is what ended up making her so famous and just like that she made her way up. She is a graduate of the University of Nairobi where she was pursuing a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering.

Through building her own brand she has managed to work with big companies such as Miniso the Japanese company and House of Elzuri where she worked as a backstage designer.

As an entrepreneur, she is the founder of her own small business called Boshdrip. She used to work from her attic at home and on 5th of October she was able to acquire a location for both drips.

She wrote on her Insta, ‘Last year November I promised myself that by the end of 2021 @boshdrip would have a location and would no longer run from our attic.

On 4th October 2021 dream finally became realioty and the team grew’. This is quite a big step for her.

All this success gives Wabosha the ability to travel a lot to many vacation spots even outside Africa. What more could a young 25-year-old lady ask for?

Azziad Nasenya

Our very own TikTok queen Azziad Nasenya is another one taking the bull by its horns and she doesnt seem to be stopping anytime soon.

Thanks to her TikTok video that went viral when we were under quarantine. She is 21 years of age. She is an actress, content creator, radio host at sound city Kenya and an entrepreneur.

Azziad is also working with wig companies and doing a lot of promotions for them and clothing companies.

She is also working in partnership with vacation companies where she even gets opportunities to travel to so many exotic places.

She is an official global ambassador for the save our future campaign in September 2020. She also has a youtube channel called the shoe game with azziad where she has hosted a lot of Kenyan celebrities.

She has her one merch consisting of sweatsuits and bags. She was recently been seen touring Berlin then again Spain.

This is from one of her Instagram posts where she quotes ‘Ran away from Berlin’s weather for afew days now taking a pill in Ibiza Spain.’


The young and fast-rising male influencer is 21 years of age. He is an entrepreneur who is the chief executive officer of Thrift trendy, an online store that has a shop at Imenti house in Nairobi CBD.

Thrift trendy deals with streetwear fashion covering clothes, accessories and sneakers. He also has his own brand known as LA BEASTE which comes out in seasons and so far he has two seasons of the merchandise.

He is the first ever brand ambassador of @Novamen at fashion nova in East Africa. This is could be one of his greatest achievements as a young influencer.

Samantha Nyakoe

This young and gradually rising digital creator has one heartwarming aesthetic if you ask me. One look at her profile grid and you will just fall in love with her.

She is 23 years of age and is currently an international relations major student at the United States International University.

She is a fashion influencer and vlogger with a bold sense of style. She is the owner and founder of the closet plug fashion line.

Her style really stands out because she is very big on thrifting and she puts together so many looks that look like they were meant to be together. She gives a lot of vintage vibes but at the same time her sense of style is timeless.

Don't get it fom me, her socials tell the whole story @samantha.nyakoe on instagram. She also has her own youtube channel. One thing is for sure, her content never disappoints. We look forward to her shooting even higher.

The one thing all these people have in common is that they are all entrepreneurs and this should be a good example to all of us young people. This clearly shows us that venturing into one business can catapult someone into great heights.