• There were times just a quick glance or a shared song sent butterflies in your stomach.

Break up illustration
Break up illustration
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I know what all of you are thinking at the moment. Why would I want to thank someone who hurt me? Why would I thank someone who I broke up with?

I should be saying good riddance instead.A broken heart hurts for long, God knows everyone has been there. The arguments, the pleading that makes you looks pathetic and desperate.

And then comes the phase where you have to pretend not to care about anything. Messy, I know right?

Then we reach a point where we need to thank 'THE EX' - insert Thank you, Next ft Ariana Grande

Thank them for the love

There's a time in life that he or she made you the happiest and special. Won't you agree? There were times just a quick glance or a shared song sent butterflies in your stomach. The small gestures and those moments shared have really shaped your present self a lot.

Thank them for the good times

It sure was fun, wasn't it? The private jokes, shared kisses. Road trips, cottage dates, the stolen kisses and the " I can't keep my hands to myself" momentsThat person showed you that you could share intricate facets of your life with someone else. And that means a lot

Thank them for the loss of affection

The downhill of having it all in a relationship is exciting. Consistently heavy heart, missing compliments and absent touches and separate sides of the bed were clear warning signs. They affected you more than hard words sometimes but they taught you that you need affection and someone who deserves you better

Thank them for the lost friends

Most people get a special someone and neglect their friends, they feel like their 'soulmate' compliments them. Now that you end a relationship with someone, you're hit by the realization that you got no one to hold you down. You're alone and you have to collect yourself up.Thank your ex because you won't make the same mistake again. You will make more friends this time and learn to cherish them.

Thank them because now you'll focus on yourself

Your life was too focused on your partner, now you have all the time to focus on you. Have some 'me time'. wThank them because now you get to focus on what makes you happy. You will learn to give yourself credit, love yourself.

Thank you, Next!

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