Pastors whipping their congregants mercilessly.
Pastors whipping their congregants mercilessly.

A video of pastors whipping their congregants with their leather belts has elicited reactions from netizens. 

In the video, you can see male and female congregants lying down at the church alter and they are all dressed in black. 

About three pastors dressed in official robes start flogging the congregants who don't dare flinch.

Check out the video below.

Here are some reactions to the video by netizens. 

bienaimesol: Religion is the opium of the masses

kosgey_kimallah87 Upuzi na ujinga mkubwa sana

bonnie.culture: wafuasi ni kondoo so lazma wachapwe na msheep

winniebitengo: Ndo wamefika ile verse ya mateso ya wanaisrael

pokot_niccur: Shetani anapigwa nyaunyo

dorsah_yusuph: Uchapwe na mzazi uchapwe na walimu alfu uchapwe pia kanisa aii 

fabie_pol: This is not a church it's a sect, it's devilish, it's brainwashing and inhumane. No God is worshipped through violence. My God is a God of order and he is merciful.

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