• A woman has had life-altering decisions about her body made for her throughout her entire life.

A pregnant woman
A pregnant woman
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It's disappointing to hear that a woman has to get married because she is pregnant. That she has no open options for her because society dictates and judge her.

Can't a woman just decide to keep it on her own, or simply put up the kid for adoption, or get rid of it? Yeah, I know this is a sensitive issue and none of you wants to talk about this.

We should not assume serious and controversial issues like these. While for some women the decision of whether to proceed with unplanned pregnancy might be a clear one, for others it may be a complex and uphill task.

As a woman in today's society, a woman who has had life-altering decisions about her body made for her throughout her entire life.

I want to call attention to other women who are just trying to make their own decisions regarding their health, future and their bodies in general.

I agree that in society there is a split between those who support a woman's choice to do abortion and those who do not.

The decision to keep a pregnancy to term and terminate it has consequences. Can be physical, psychological or sociological.

One should not be blinded by societal norms and be oblivious of what a woman goes through when hit by the realization that she is pregnant, unplanned for that matter.

Stop stigma against women who choose to terminate a pregnancy or those who decide to put up their kids for adoption.

They are not bad mothers, they are well aware that they are not ready with this phase, and a decision should not be forced down their throats.

To conclude my opinion, the decision should be left to individual women to decide which consequence they're able to bear with.For this reason, access to safe and proper medical care regarding reproduction and abortion should be available to all women.

There's also a choice to abstain till marriage, or simply use contraceptives. We all agree that, with the improved medical research, all our contraceptive needs are met. Walk to a clinic and get a plan for yourself. One that works for you, there's a range of options.

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