Nairobery: Resident hetting mugged in the CBD
Nairobery: Resident hetting mugged in the CBD

If you're a resident of Nairobi and it's metropolitan area, you have probably lost your phone or anything valuable, maybe seen someone loose something to criminals who are often swift and bounce when they get an opportunity.

Nothing disturbs my peace like a conductor who has my balance. When I pay my bus fare, I expect to be given change immediately. Like why would you consider getting me unsettled?

Let's not talk about him swinging on the matatu door rails, while the road is busy, I'm like, "Are you trying to get yourself killed before I get my balance back?" in my head, of course, wouldn't want people thinking I'm wicked.

I'm usually stressed when I have to go to CBD.

Planning the whole route in my head. Checking my zips before I alight from the mat, adjusting wallet and phone positions.

My friend particularly gave me a trick, tuck in your phone under your high-waisted jeans and you're set to battle, it's war anyway!

If you live along Thika road, you must know the matatus that go to Githurai, this is the ultimate character developer!

When getting into those matatus you have to ensure your window is closed, lest, your phone is in dire danger. You don't do your routine travel siestas in these matatus. You'll wake up owning just legs to carry you home, not funny though!

You must master the art of clutching your purse, your phone or anything of value. Not just in matatus even on the streets.

Those who have lived long enough in this city, will seriously warn you against asking for directions. I remember this one time I was lost in CBD, my first time in Nairobi, I asked some guy to give me directions to my destination.

I'll never forget you, weh! The guy gave me directions to a lonely lane, where he followed me, I thank God for my running skills. I was ready to run, may the best man win!

Do I need to remind you that in Nairobi you don't give people your luggage to carry for you? A secret I'll let y'all in on is that the thieves operate in huge cohorts, you will never see them coming.

You won't see them together, they scatter strategically to get their victims. They are as bold as they come. They steal in braid daylight and walk away majestically.

NBO- O is for Ogopa!

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Nairobery: Resident hetting mugged in the CBD
Nairobery: Resident hetting mugged in the CBD