Benjamin Zulu, an internationally acclaimed life coach and psychologist
Benjamin Zulu, an internationally acclaimed life coach and psychologist

Benjamin Zulu, an internationally acclaimed life coach and psychologist tells campus students that premature dating only prepares them for the relationship, not their calling.

On his self-titled show, he pointed out some of the ways that dating in campus kills dreams.

Check out how he dissected the issue.

The relationship takes up all your free time.

"Premature relationships are obsessive. There is a lot of insecurities, instabilities so you keep assuring, talking, chatting.

This will mess up your time frame. You won't have time to meet people, friends and make new friends.

You must carry each other wherever you go on the phone talking to make the other comfortable."

Missed Opportunities

He says that guys are forfeiting rich internships and scholarships but because they'd rather be close to each other, one refuses the opportunity because of the emotional attachment.

"You end up shaping your life to fit this person, this relationship. You forfeit your personal expressions and interests. You're confined!"

You use up all your extra money

"It takes up your extra money, you must keep treating the girl. 80% of previous graduates are average mediocre, useless. They are not very different from class eight, form four dropouts."

My take!

I'll just be brief since this opinion doesn't matter because some of you would do as you please, no offence though!

While dating can be an important part of your college experience it's important to keep in mind some general guidelines to avoid having your relationships cause unnecessary stress or colour your overall college experience in a negative light.

What I know is dating in campus is a necessary evil. It's a phase that everyone should never skip at all.

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