It’s finally that time of the week where young couples get to spend time with each other and bond with one another.

It also helps that the curfew was also vacated.

Boyfriends are anticipating special treatment and ladies are excited to express their love to their partners.

This is the point where ladies forget about things like feminism, women empowerment and the famous quote ‘ men are trash’.

Here are wifely duties girlfriends will be performing trying to impress their men.

Cooking chapos

For those who have perfected this art, they will be cooking chapos to impress, others will be busy on YouTube cooking channels learning how to cook soft layered chapati's.

General cleaning

Some of your girlfriends will be busy cleaning out cobwebs and rearranging the house to give it a 'female' touch. All this will be done while the man is busy waiting for some sweet loving later.

Doing his laundry

Most girls are always wary of their nails breaking but they won't mind breaking them doing laundry for their bae. Most slay queens rely on mama fua but they would rather break their back scrubbing a man's dirty jeans.

Boiling cereals to stock the freezer

Unajua sipendi bae akikula junk, most babes will this weekend be busy helping bae boil cereals to stock up for the week/month. Mark you, some of these ladies have never even helped their mum light a jiko.

Note: Doing all this does not make a woman's worth equal to zero, however, ladies, unless a man puts a ring on it, let him go and eat in a hotel ama at his mum's place.

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