• When it comes to fashion, we can all agree that Huddah never disappoints.

Huddah Monroe
Huddah Monroe
Image: Instagram

Want to rock on your traditional wear shoot, or you are probably going to see your in-laws?

Maybe you have an important function and you want to look unique, beautifully and radiantly African, look no further.

The Asante people of Ghana got you covered with their ‘kente’ traditional wear.

When it comes to fashion, we can all agree that Huddah never disappoints. Her distinct features a and physique make her outfits unique. Not to mention stylish and chic. She doesn’t do simple.

She goes extra, and we love her for that. Being in Dubai for a significant amount of time, Huddah is spending her holiday in Accra, Ghana.

Being faithful as she is to her online fans, she sends us a snippet of her every excursion as she enjoys the rich culture of the Asante people.

In her last post on her Instagram just the other day, she rocked a kente wear and I wouldn’t think of anyone else doing the traditional wear justice as she did.

The outfit was exquisite and stylish. Call her “Mama Afrika”.

She wore a green kente African print bandeau crop top with a matching kente head wrap and a kente skirt.

On the photo she captioned “off to drink some palm wine.” Well, hope she enjoyed because I think she rose to the occasion.

Kente cloth is the most universally recognized of all African fabrics.

The word “Kente” means basket and the cloth is so-named because it resembles a woven basket design.

According to the elders, the designer of this cloth attempted to weave a unique cloth to please the Asantehene.

In his effort, he used all the motifs then known to weave unweaving one cloth. Kente cloth is special on many levels.

Around the world, the unique patterns and colors are identifiable as a representation of Western Africa culture. This gives each kente design its own unique symbolic value.

Kente clothing may symbolize the wearer’s status or mark a festive occasion.

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