Pregnant woman
Pregnant woman

A university babe identified as Talia has been exposed for propositioning a first-year student to impregnate her.

All she wants are his good genes to be passed on to her family line in form of a baby.

Talia acquired the first year's phone number and went ahead to text him. 

"Hi Ibrah, I am Talia, though that's my nickname. I got your number from a friend."

Talia went ahead to shoot her shot, unapologetically, "You've been my long time crush Since you joined Egerton ukiwa mdogo first year. Lakini I am ahead of you na one year."

After she was done pampering him, Talia went ahead and stated her proposition.

"Do me a favour baby boy. Unaeza nipea ball Like the qualities za mtoto nataka uko nazo. Don't worry about taking care of the child, I'll do that on my own. Kindly, if you're in for this, text me. back tupatane."

Talia concluded her text with, "Enjoy your evening handsome. I love you."

A shocked Ibrah seems to have circulated the bizarre request and the leaked screenshot found its way to Twitter.

Check out the tweet that has since gone viral.

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