• Bringing your two different worlds together requires planning, talking, and a lot of hard work on both ends.

Couple holding hands
Couple holding hands
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I wish I didn't relate to what I'm about to write. But I do. I've lived with my boyfriend before. Yeah, you read it right. It was chaos, you have no idea.

Moving in with your significant other is a big step that comes with excitement, changes, and a lot of compromises.

Bringing your two different worlds together requires planning, talking, and a lot of hard work on both ends.

Sometimes it's pure bliss and sometimes it's just a living hell. It is a good way to test your compatibility, but it will end in premium tears- my experience of course!

If you're reading this you're probably sprung on your boyfriend and you're tired of moving from his place to yours, it's exhausting sometimes, and "why not save yourself the stress of moving back and forth when you can move in together?"

 I know that temptation is getting to you but here are a bunch of reasons why moving in with your partner is a bad idea.

1. Your marriage life is doomed

You've had the saying "why buy the cow when you can get the milk free", you heard it right! Living with your partner makes you so reliable, convenient- no hard work is needed. Do whatever you need to do with this information.

2. You will lose your personal space

If you enjoy coming home after work and mellowing out in silence, don't expect that to happen anymore when you move in with your partner. He will always be there, invading your most personal space, and that's not healthy especially if you're a young couple. Space is a necessity for a couple but young adults won't understand this. Anyway, not a conversation you want.

3. Insecurities will be a thing.

One of the biggest reasons that you should abort that idea of moving in together, is if they easily get jealous. It doesn't matter if he's being a green-eyed monster because you have guy friends or male coworkers who like your Instagram photos. It's a major warning sign.

If your relationship is your number one priority, why would you move in with your partner without giving it a serious thought? There are a million things that could go wrong, and shacking up could ultimately doom that good thing you got going on.

However, this is my opinion and it doesn't matter but I'd advise you to make it count!

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