Wilson Radido aka Willy Paul came onto the Kenyan music scene with a bang, with his gospel hit song, "Sitolia".

Since then, the musician released more hits in the genre before shifting his attentions to the secular scene.

Since his dalliance in secular music, Pozze has been a different animal, if I can say so. More controversial, boastful and has been a close second to Ringtone in the antics he will do to generate clout and publicity.

Yesterday, the "Hallelujah" singer penned a scary message that had some worried about his mental state. In his social media posts on his Instastories, Willy noted that the solution to one's pain and problems is death.

"The solution to one's problems is death."

Before adding;

Sometimes we face challenges that are above our control. Never understood the word depression well, but now I think I do.

This is where I come in;

I know some of you have already dismissed the singer as a publicity-hungry, clout-chaser based on his past behaviour, which I know him to be.

Mine is an unpopular opinion, but I think that means people shouldn't dismiss his claim off-hand. Don't forget that even the boy who cried "Wolf" was proven right one day, albeit too late to save himself.

While Willy might be doing the same as far as drumming up awareness for his new album, I think that something like someone's mental health shouldn't be disregarded so easily.

We are well aware that mental health issues like depression are normally called the silent killers cause the sufferers rarely if ever speak about them.

Even a serial clout-chaser like Willy Paul should be given a little leeway when it comes to mental health issues. Only God knows what goes on between a person's ears, meaning that there is still a probability that he might be going through something.

My word of advice would be for Willy to go and seek professional help if he indeed has mental health problems.

Also, his intimates should be there for him and help him seek the help he needs and be a shoulder to lean on.

All these solutions of course depend on Willy being truthful about his mental state, which only he knows for sure.

I hope, for Willy's sake that he isn't using a serious claim like mental health issues to get more clout, cause that would really lose him the little good faith he still has left with some Kenyans.

But what do I know...

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