One of our famous media personalities recently spoke on the topic of how being an empowered woman had made it more difficult to date.

The lady told NTV;

“As an empowered woman, as a woman who has worked hard, who has been seen to do many things, it has been difficult for me to date. I am still single because of the notion that an empowered woman cannot listen (to a man) …whereas the reality is if I have worked hard, I should be able to help even more."

Her statement spread like wildfire with many Kenyans debating the merits of her statement.

This is where I come in;

Level-headed men of value who would date and gel with empowered women don't have an issue with them being "empowered".

The issue they have is the attitude that many of these women come with when dating, an attitude they normally acquire during their accent to these empowered positions.

Those issues are often improperly diagnosed with many of these unfortunate women seeing it as a failure by the men, saying those men are intimidated. And most of them would be wrong.

Let me explain. Most times, the traditional masculine habits of aggression, dominance, risk-taking, and assertiveness are rewarded in most competitive and merit-based workplaces.

Stereotypical feminine qualities like nurturance, sensitivity, supportiveness, gentleness, warmth, passivity and cooperativeness are not often seen as traits that work in a person's favour if they want to scale up in a competitive workplace.

What happens is that many of these empowered women abandon many stereotypically feminine qualities in order to succeed in a job market that rewards traditionally masculine qualities.

The issue for these empowered women now comes after they have reached the top of their careers. At this time, many of them want to settle down but they keep having issues with prospective suitors because they can't shut off those "masculine" traits when dating.

You see on her way to the top of her career, she most likely adopted masculine habits that helped her succeed, but those same traits become a hindrance when dealing with a man.

Most level-headed hetero-sexual human beings seek their opposite. The yin to their yang. In this case, these "empowered women" can't shut off the masculine energy they have been using in their careers when they are in their relationships.

Most level-headed men want a woman with traditional feminine characteristics. The boss b!tch, boss lady, queen and all the monikers associated with "empowered women" aren't attractive to level-headed men looking for a wife.

In fact, they are a red flag and signal a woman who will not be a peaceful companion to a man.

Level-headed men want to be the captain's in their marriages, something that a woman who brings masculine energy into the relationship will not allow. So what do they do? They ditch those women.

My advice to "empowered women" is simple-Lose the masculine energy in your relationships and glow in your beautiful feminine energy. See if this doesn't help you get and keep the man you want...

But what do I know...

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