• "I sat on this bed and I cried to God to save my life and he did exactly that." - Size 8

Size 8
Size 8

Award-winning singer Size 8 has opened up about how she is coping with her near-death experience after she lost her child a few weeks back due to pregnancy-related complications.

The gospel singer who is also an ordained minister took to her Instagram Live last night and narrated to her followers how she has been coping with the second death of her unborn child.

Before she went to the hospital, Size 8said that her pressure was very high and she could not bring it down.

"I sat on this bed and I cried to God to save my life and he did exactly that."

She continued, "Yes, my baby succumbed to high blood pressure but haina noma. The baby left but God kept me alive because Wambo and Junior needed me and my destiny hasn't been fulfilled."

"Take it from me, I have seen death trying to take me out, so the fact that you are breathing and i know maybe you don't have money for food or fare to go to work tomorrow, just give thanks to God that you are alive," she encouraged her followers.

"God has shown me how fragile life is, you can lose your life just like this (she clicked her fingers) but because of His grace and mercy he sustains all of our lives."

Size 8 explained that the high blood pressure complications have been a recurrent thing in her life. A condition that has threatened her life on numerous occasions.

"The devil has tried for so long to kill me It is just that I never document all the times I have struggled with pressure. And God has not allowed me to die. My children are not motherless because Christ loves me and them."

Adding, "This is not the end of Size 8, there is another dispensation in another dimension in Christ."  

Watch her 30-minute live broadcast below.

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