• The study found that one in Five women wear their underwear for days. 

An underwear
An underwear
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A recent research by The Derm Review found that one in Five women wear their underwear for days. 

In their findings, the researchers established that such women do it to save on laundry time and costs. 

Most women over the age of 55 years were found to be fond of this habit. 

This raises health concerns such as skin infections, irritation and break outs. 

Mpasho reached out to fans on social media, and some were perplexed that this happens. 

Others seemed to be aware of such happenings but can olnly relate it to men.

Here are some of the reactions. 

@ Hot - "Underwear is not worn nowadays to begin with. Conduct the survey here in Kenya and see." 

@ Anne Liz- "People still wear pantsonly four or five days in a month."

@ Teddie - "Am sure you meant boxers not panties,boxers ndio huvaliwa hata mwezi Moja."

@ Huddson - "Just pass by Pipeline estate  you will notice there are more women underwear than men underwear hanging huyo investigator ashikwe."

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