Rapper Majirani has revealed that he quit music and relocated to Poland where he got a scholarship and a job as a construction worker.

Majirani spoke out about undergoing depression and being homeless. He got help to get back on his feet and record new music but that did not go very far because he was back on the street again, with more financial issues.

"I had to sit down with myself and ask these questions, why is the industry so bad? Who does it belong to?

Why would you want to kill your fellow brothers dream just to send a message that you are still the one? Guys this has to stop.

The entire Kenyan music industry has people who want to be worshipped and I have chosen to fail musically rather than do what they want. Sitaki."

Majirani went ahead to explain how his life went down the drain.

"You guys know me and what happened to my football club and how I went broke. I will tell you this, I experienced a lot during that time from the mockery and rejection. I lost so many friends because no one cares whether you were a big celebrity before or still are, the most important thing is I never lost myself."

He continued, "I'm still not happy though...I had to pay over Ksh 300,000 to get my papers done and move to Poland. I joined school and I work as a construction worker as I balance both.

Life here is better than home because no one knows my brand here and no one looks down on me it makes me feel more comfortable than working in Kenya."

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