Badi Muhsin, the veteran Swahili news anchor, passed on this afternoon. The legendary KBC news anchor died in Mombasa where he was on assignment.

When scrolling through his social media after his death, we at Mpasho noticed a post he had made concerning death in February.

The late Badi Muhsin TBT
Image: Courtesy

It was a quote from a certain Sheikh called, Swaalih Fauzaan Al-fauzaan who was speaking about death

The quote is below;

"Are you going to the grave today or tomorrow? Sheikh Swaalih Fauzaan Al-fauzaan has said-May Allah preserve him; "You are going to Allah today or tomorrow and you will slip in your grave with your partner, in the beginning, you will get lost they will come to you and ask you, so what have you prepared in answers?

No, you have to cry for this matter and live on it and die on it, it is a simple thing for the one Allah has given him then (that) is very important.

We are responsible for all Muslims to take care of this importance when they say (ideology) and teach their children and children of Islam."

Check out the screenshot of his message below. (Please scroll to the right to see the English version)

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