A popular man of God has savagely lasted older men who are still having extramarital relations. Pastor Dr K. N Jacob spoke specifically to the group of men called Wababa a.k.a sponsors a.k.a benefactors.

In a long-winded post, Pastor  Jacob warned that God will stop their transformers from working because age doesn't allow them to keep having torrid affairs.

They should be elders who are respected in the community and as such should act their age.

"It’s a shame to cheat in your 40’s, 50’s & 60’s. For how long will you cheat your partner? I understand when young people cheat on each other. They are still experimenting with life. I’m not advocating for cheating at any age – but for heavenly sake, will you cheat till you die?"

Pastor Jacob added, "Where is the room for personal growth? It’s embarrassing to discuss extramarital affairs when you have adult children who look up to you. Must God shut down your body to stop cheating?"

Chiding the Wababas chasing university students, the man of the pulpit continued, "By now you should have known there is no tangible gain in extramarital affairs. By now you should have settled down as an elder to guide the youth.

No child should ever hear rumours of their parent’s affairs. You might be competing for the same girl with your son.

You might be competing for the same man with your daughter. King David outgrew the lusts of his youthful years."

Advising the sponsors, Pastor Jacob pointed out, "You have been forgiven many times. Stop misusing grace and taking advantage of your partner’s kindness.

You do not have the monopoly of cheating. You too can be served the same cup of your own dose. Don’t mistake your partner’s kindness for stupidity.

Come back to your senses. Respect your age. Your family and the society expects more from you. Shall I teach you or your children morality?"

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