Pregnancy termination, miscarriage and stillbirth explained

• Miscarriage happens unexpectedly and unintentionally.

A pregnant woman
A pregnant woman
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A number of women do not get to carry their pregnancies to the end. 

This might be caused by individual choices or medical complications. 

Mpasho conducted research, and it emerged that there are people who can not differentiate or explain Pregnancy termination/abortion, miscarriage and stillbirth. 

Medically, pregnancy termination or abortion is the process that a woman chooses to have in order to end her pregnancy. 

The choice could be due to personal reasons or as advised by a medical practitioner.

Doctors can advise a woman to have an abortion during the early months of the pregnancy if the foetus' growth will risk her life. 

On the other hand, miscarriage happens unexpectedly and unintentionally.

This is when an embryo or foetus dies before the 20th week of pregnancy. 

After a miscarriage, a procedure similar to that of abortion might be conducted on a woman to remove the dead foetus. 

Stillbirth is when a foetus dies before or during delivery. A stillbirth is different from a miscarriage in that it occurs after 20 weeks of pregnancy.

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