Actress and media personality Jacque Nyaminda alias Wilbroda has opened up about dating after her marriage disintegrated.

The actress who is co-parenting with her ex, says she doesn't think she will be dating any time soon.

Speaking to Buzz Central's Cheptoek Boyo, Wilbroda said, "The moment you become a mother, if this guy is not right for you, he is not right for your child.

In every decision that you make, your child plays such a big role. When you meet someone and you sit down with them and see how he talks, behaves, drinks... it is those very little things that you are like, you know what? I will wait."

Adding, "Actually, right now, I'm not even in a hurry, I tell myself a time will come when I will be ready because I'm good as I am. I'm really enjoying my life right now. There is no one calling you and asking, 'Uko?' Umefika? Wewe ndio bwana kwa nyumba yako."

Wilbroda explained that a fellow single pal also spoke to her about her single lifestyle.

"She is single as well but her children are now all grown, it is her boys who tell her, 'You have been here all week, mummy now go out and meet someone!' I pray for that day my son will tell me, 'Come on mum, go out,' because now, my son is at that stage where he is very inquisitive so siwezi tuu kuleta msee kwa nyumba."

She continued, "What is dating if he cannot come and visit me? It is just not the right time and I haven't found the right person who has captured my heart one whom I have felt this is the person who will be a role model and mentor to my son as he grows to be a man."

Asked if she has plans on expanding her family and getting another child, Wilbroda said, "People find it funny when I tell them, I'm good I don't want another child.

I can say for sure getting another baby is not in my plans maybe if it is in God's plan otherwise I'm good as I am."

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