Media personality Jacquey Nyaminde a.k.a Wilbroda spoke about her financial situation before the pandemic and how it has changed her lifestyle, years later.

Speaking to Cheptoek Boyo on her Buzz Central YouTube Channel, Wilbrobda explained how she deals with entitled relatives.

"I have learnt to say no. I'm not afraid to say no. No is an answer and I don't have to explain myself. Freedom comes with being able to say no."

She added, "People see you and they see you are on TV and radio and I drive a car...I have been on 50% salary for the last two years and apart from that gigs that used to come often don't come anymore.

Before it would be weekend after weekend, I'm not available because I'm booked for end of year events. In a week I would make like 600k because I would work from Friday till Sunday but that doesn't happen anymore  so life is different but people do not understand it."

Wilbroda described how life has now changed with the pandemic and the scarcity of gigs.

"Let me speak for myself, the struggle is actually very real. Sometimes I sit like this and I'm like I cannot believe this is me. I would walk into a supermarket and pick anything but now, I write everything that is not there and stick to that list."

Adding, "If I get the cash I was making back then, I don;t think I would live the way I used to live, My life has changed a lot."

Watch the intimate conversation below.

Actress and media personality Jacquey 'Wilbroda' Nyaminde talked to Buzz Central about dealing with fake friends and entitled relatives, the reason why she doesn't want more kids and why her relationship ended. she also opens up about the challenges she is facing as a result of covid pandemic.

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