•Family is pleading for medical help that amounts to approximately Ksh 10 million

Zia Bett
Zia Bett
Image: Courtesy

 Zia Bett, wife to singer Nyashinski is pleading for help to aid in her sister's medical bill that amounts to approximately Ksh 10 million.

The sister, Janet Bett Karoney has been diagnosed with a blood disorder known as Severe Aplastic Anaemia, a life-threatening condition where the bone marrow stops producing enough blood for the body.

"The doctors have recommended a bone marrow transplant as the best treatment for this condition. Unfortunately, the procedure is not available in Kenya, and Janet will need to travel abroad for the treatment." Read Zia's Instagram statement.

She went on to add that;

"The cost of the treatment is approx Sh10million and will take 4-6 months before she can return back to Kenya. We are appealing for funds as her family and friends to help get her the treatment she urgently needs.

We know recent times have been really tough on all but any little you can donate will be greatly appreciated and will help towards getting her treatment and back home to her family.

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