•"Being in a foreign land where everyone is super busy working two or more jobs to even have time for you can be very depressing."- Vera

Vera Sidika
Image: Instagram

Vera Sidika has said she chose to give birth in Kenya and not in the US to be close to her family.

According to Vera her visa is still valid hence it won't have been a problem for her but she chose to welcome her baby here.

She says it's the best decision she ever made.

Through her Inst stories, Vera partly wrote, "While preggo you need all the love and affection from friends and family on a regular.

Being in a foreign land where everyone is super busy working two or more jobs to even have time for you can be very depressing."

Vera Sidika
Image: Instagram

Vera had also earlier on revealed she intends to deliver via a CS and will import all her baby's clothes from the US and UK.

Opening up on her decision via her Instagram stories, the mum to be said she changed her mind about giving birth after she realized there are other painless options to the journey as she is afraid of the pain.

''Ever since I thought of having kids in my adult life, I said to myself I’ll do it only if I don’t have to experience labour. So I have forever been team CS (scheduled). I don’t want to feel an inch of labour pain. In fact, I even want to slay. Have my wig and makeup on fleek during my delivery.

I honestly can’t deal with pain. Y’all keep saying CS takes time to heal, who told you I’m in a hurry to heal? Normal delivery? No, I will not do that to my birth canal.

Imagine a pain that was a curse from God. I can’t even think of it. All I know is if I go for normal birth I’ll probably not want to have another baby.”

“I know everyone’s labour pain is different, some zero, some medium, some extreme. But the truth is you can never know how your experience will be until that day comes.

You will dance nude and run like a mad woman. Not me! Something new I heard, your birth canal tears up. Like whaaaaat!

Then they stitch you up afterwards, ooh no! Let me stick with CS, I’m okay. Even if it will take forever for me to heal I’m not in a hurry. I’m willing to live with the scar, evidence of the purest form of love,” she added.

Vera further warned those trolling women who have gone through CS.

''Childbirth is not a joke. Whether normal or CS, they all have risks. Some deaths also occur during normal childbirth, some during CS, so it’s you and your God.

You should all try and avoid making it look like CS is so terrible and extremely risky. Life itself is a risk. Crossing the road is a risk, you can get hit by a car. Taking a flight is a risk because there could be a plane crash. Even taking a damn shower, you can slip and die.''

She added, "Whether normal or CS delivery, a mother will still love their child regardless of their childbirth process.

CS delivery doesn’t make one less of a mother. Feeling serious labour pain doesn’t make you a superpower mother either. Both carried for the same 9 months, only difference is in the hours into delivery.”

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